Christmas Miracle?

I realize I haven’t updated since I made my page, but honestly that’s because I haven’t had much more to really talk about. If any of you have ever dealt with the system, you know it’s a rather slow moving processes. If not, well let me tell you, they move like a damn slug. It’s down December, couple months since my last post and I finally have some news. I didn’t update because I figured no one wants to listen to me bitch or complain. Plus people are ‘judgmental’ and think I must be such a ‘horrible’ mother since I now have one closed case in in Nebraska and on going in Iowa. So, I just kept my mouth shut right now. But the Christmas spirit is working in my favor, I guess.

I’ve finally gotten some news, great news at that. My son is officially on the road to coming home. At the most, it can take three months. In three months is when I have the permanency hearing, but he can be placed with me before for that. So, in reality it’s 1-3 months he’ll be home. I still feel the Iowa system is fucked. Everyone has agreed there has been no actual PARENTING concerns, that it’s a drug case ( WEED ). Which I still can’t bring myself to feel is far. Simply on the facts that 1) It’s legal depending on which side of an imaginary line you live on and 2) We’re opening our very first dispensary here in Iowa this weekend. I simply don’t find it fair or right. I hear others say ‘either way if you are under the influence and being selfish you shouldn’t have your kids’. Okay, so I suppose the parents that enjoy a few beers, or on pain killers or xanax shouldn’t have their children as well? I mean they’re under the influence aren’t they? “Oh, well they wouldn’t take your kid if you simply were smoking pot. There has to be other factors”. Yeah, being screwed by Nebraska DHS because my kids dad beat me helped Iowa’s case against me. But that’s a whole other topic I’ll cover in a minute. Either way, I haven’t had a dirty UA since the very start of this ( my son didn’t even test for weed in his umbilical cord ) six  months ago, there are no PARENTING concerns, and he will be home soon. And I can’t wait. I’ll have my baby back. And for all the people who seem to want to judge and talk shit get a giant fuck you. So, win win.

As for Nebraska, is anyone a family lawyer over there or have any degree over there? Because according to my lawyer here in Iowa I was lied to. I’m pretty sure signing any contract or agreement under false information is ruled out. I was told Nebraska may not have full OPEN ADOPTIONS but can make arrangements to stay in the kids’ lives and whatnot. I was told I couldn’t be promised anything. So, I’m trying to figure out what is true or not true. Even Iowa feels like I got screwed out of a fair chance and wonder what the out come would of been if I actually had one. Fuck, maybe I would have all my kids today instead of in this shit.

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